2019 Winners
Steven Kerry & Dalston Dyess

2019 Golf Tournament

Jackson’s Wish would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors, all of the players, and all the volunteers who participated in our golf tournament this year. It was definitely our biggest turnout since the first year. You all helped us raise funds to continue to educate about unsecured furniture, and to help families who need financial help after losing a child. We truly couldn’t do it without you. We are grateful to all the teams for sticking it out through the rain, and playing out the tournament and participating in the raffle. We had a very competitive tournament with 7 teams finishing within 5 strokes of each other. This year’s tournament winners were a Steven Kerry and Dalston Dyess. Congratulations to those two players. We look forward to next year, and hope to have another great turnout in 2020!!

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